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General Guildelines

Adults must provide  active in water supervision of children 5 years or younger in the big pool!

NO GLASS: Including crock pots, serving dishes, bottles

NO SMOKING:  Tobacco of any kind must be used 100 feet away from entry

Coast guard approved Lifejackets please

Flotation is not a replacement for adult supervision, please keep an eye out for your child

Children in floatation must be within arms reach of an adult

Tired swimmers will be directed to get out and rest, stay in shallow water or get a lifejacket

Intoxicated guests displaying  inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave

Slide and Diving board safety

Swimmers under 48" must pass a swim test to ride slide or use diving board

No floatation devices allowed

No cut off jeans, swim wear only please

Parents may not catch children

No trains or chains on the slide

Advanced tricks on the diving board are discouraged