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If the weather is below 65 degrees and the forecast calls for 65 degrees or below, we will not open the facility.   Swim Lessons and Private Parties will go as planned unless notified.

Safety is our top priority and the facility will close in case of severe weather. We will re-open 30 minutes after severe weather passes. If we happen to close for the reminder of the day, guests on-site may have their admission receipt stamped to use for admission on a future day during the current operating season.  


  • You are a resident of the district if you own commercial or residential property within the CKRD boundaries.
  • Residents of the district recieve a discount on program fees, entrance fees, and memberships. 

To check if your property is taxed by columbine Knolls Recreation District visit   Jeffco Assessor


Are your facilities open to the public?

Yes.  Our faciilities and parks and open to the public for a fee.  Families who live within the boundaries pay the resident fee.  


Q. Is Columbine Knolls Recreation District the same as the Columbine Knolls Homeowner’s Association?

Columbine Knolls Recreation District is a special district that provides parks and recreation services for the residents and surrounding community.  

Link to the Columbine Knolls HOA